the mellon factory can advise you on how to make the most of the opportunities and challenges the internet offers. a guiding principle is to use the simplest practicable solution to any challenge, and where a complex solution is unavoidable to explain it as accessibly as possible.

the mellon factory philosophy is that online strategy should be locked tightly to your overall business goals. Your decisions should be shaped by your own high-level priorities, not by the preferences, prejudices or self-interest of implementation providers. The mellon factory will typically work with you to establish clear strategic goals for your online investment and a roadmap for the achievement of those goals. Thereafter, implementation can be opened to competitive tender, guided by clear specific requirements. This will ensure the maximum possible return on investment, protect your intellectual property, allow greater leverage with (and flexibility between) contracted service providers, and above all ensure your own expertise in your own sector is fully capitalised upon.

web enterprise can be planned and project managed to ensure efficient delivery of appropriately tailored services without needless cost, lost time or wasted effort.

existing projects can be refined, refreshed or made more effective.

your website and online marketing performance will be measurable, analysable and easily fine tuned.

your return on investment will be maximised.