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Google ‘Penguin 2.0′ Update – big news for local search

For a long time the ‘local’ factors in Google ranking have been commonly underappreciated. Google algorithms, which it is now confirmed were updated in May to the rumoured ‘Penguin 2.0′ version, now place even more emphasis on these hard-to-fake local relevancy factors. An accompanying change is increasing placement of ‘local’ results in the main organic [...]

Google Advice from the Inside

Matt Cutts is the ‘Head of Webspam’ at Google. This title somewhat underplays his role: he is at the top tier of the team who determine how Google ranks websites. As a prolific ‘official’ video-blogger he is a major conduit for the dissemination of insight into how best to understand Google’s methods and priorities regarding [...]

Comscore ‘Digital Future in Focus’ reports

comScore offers some great analysis, such as their Digital Future in Focus reports. Some of the UK headlines reflect issues a lot of businesses ask about: – One third of page views are now via mobile devices – Facebook is the most popular UK social networking site – Online video continues to grow All of [...]

Yandex overtakes Bing

Russian search enterprise Yandex has seemed pretty dynamic for a while now, with constant incremental improvements in its service provision. Yandex has just achieved a remarkable benchmark in overtaking Bing to become the 4th-ranked global search engine. I would still regard the Western-World top 5 heirarchy as being 1. Google 2. Google 3. Google 4. [...]

Microsoft vs. Windows vs. Mobile

2013 will see the slow maturity of some profoundly ill-judged strategic moves by Microsoft. It marks the culmination of a history of incrementally unwise approaches to their positioning and branding. It strikes me as an instance or Schwarzenegger Syndrome: having established primacy in a sector, hubris drives you to aspire to primacy in some tangential [...]

Google Squeezing Revenue from Product Vendors

A particularly significant change has been announced by Google which SMEs in particular should be aware of: these changes actually compromise some vendors eCommerce business models quite severely. This is all about a paradigm change in what was long known as ‘Google Product Search’. Online vendors have long been welcome to submit a data feed [...]

UK Domains other than

Newly available UK domains include and A simple .uk domain is currently proposed. Expansion of domain options has been driven by demand (it’s often not easy to find a great domain which is actually available) and facilitated by an upgrade to the number of addresses the Internet itself can process (IPv6). A concern [...]

How to ‘do’ eCommerce Strategically

Every new paradigm is prone to being thought about mystically whilst it is still strange and new. Electricity was held as a cure all in the early Nineteenth Century, though later eclipsed by the yet more ill-conceived radiation nostrums. Whilst the internet itself has not yet been credited with mystical healing properties, it does seem [...]

Why You Should Know How Google Manages Change

Whilst many people appreciate that Google constantly evolves its search algorithm, fewer realise just how structured their approach is to doing so. Their major revisions are given code names, just as new versions of operating systems might be. The 2011 update was Panda, the 2012 revision was Penguin (which may have raised the eyebrows of [...]

Why do PR & advertising firms have terrible websites?

I’m not going to link to them as we all have to get along… but more and more PR & ad firms pitch digital as part of their scope, yet their implementation is 100% backwards. The web is actually really quite convention-bound. This makes more sense than it does at first glance: whilst the web [...]