the background...

the mellon factory has provided consultancy regarding effective use of the internet and extensive SEO expertise to an extremely wide range of clients, from Mayfair jewellers and Humberside stone merchants to pan-European and global enterprises.

the company was established by Robert Fawcett following a great many years involved with new media strategy at the BBC.

At the BBC Robert was involved in liaising between 'BBC Radio & Music' and other major digital initiatives such as Freeview, Freesat, the iPlayer development team and DAB. He conceived and managed the delivery of interactive red-button services to BBC Radio on digital television. Prior to this, he was responsible for taking major radio strands online, working with talents including John Peel.

Robert's skill set is derived from years of world-class media and new media experience, with constant focus on target demographics, efficiency and tight project management. He has also received globally-respected training regarding innumerable aspects of media output and production.

Prior to joining the world of new media Rob worked in multi-award winning radio and TV production for the BBC and several independent media companies. This included making documentaries in-house or independently for all the major national UK radio networks. He also worked in live broadcast, where his achievements included leading the production team launching the complex multi-regional Lamacq Live programme for BBC Radio 1.

Robert holds a masters degree with distinction in Psychoanalytic Theory and an honours degree in Human Social Psychology.